Amish Farm REAL BUTTER – 1 lb – Lightly Salted



Now this is butter!  Lightly salted with Himalayan Sea Salt just enough to make it real tasty.   That means you’re getting real minerals that are characteristic to this unprocessed real salt.  Along with the abundance of nutrients in this awesome butter. (RAW BUTTER)

No comparison to that which is in the store….

Orders need to be prepaid. Now available on regular basis.  Raw butter can be frozen so its always good to order  and stock up.

REAL Butter is best before the weather gets cold in PA,   grass is in abundance for the cows,  and abundance of nutrients comes from the abundance of green grass consumed by the grass-fed cows.   You now have access to the  best, richest, and most nutritious REAL BUTTER you can get!

Rich in CLA, vitamin A, calcium, & healthy fats needed for sustained energy, complete body nourishment and… flavor…

I usually purchase regular butter from the store for cooking and keep this REAL RAW BUTTER strictly for eating with cooked veggies and on sprouted wheat toast…now THAT’S REAL FOOD!

Availability and prices subject to change without notice.