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Ice Chest fund-Helping Hands Needed


Helping hands needed… and thanks so much to those that participated with contribution.  Greatly appreciated….

Five ice chests still needed to replenish and  I will discontinue this request.

The ice chest supply desperately needed replaced / replenished to continue bringing your orders in coldest keeping… nothing like cooooold real milk!!

Your  contribution to the ice chest fund will help ensure the coldest & excellent traveling conditions for your perfect food… 3 different contribution packages to choose from might you decide to assist.

Thank you thank you & see you at pick-up…

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Thank you  thank you to those that contributed!   Your assistance on items needed for your local shopper at the farm helps us to  continue providing this service at its best.

It’s our pleasure to be of service and thanks for being in the GSC group – and our friend.

Blessings on your week and see you at pick-up… Jenn

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Helping Hands pckgs

Pckg A $20, Pckg B $15, Pckg C $10