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In these days and times, living in a society that promotes an adulterated food source that DOES NOT nourish us nor our children and grandchildren, it’s essential to take the steps for protecting our health and the health of our loved ones.

By knowing your food sources, who they are, & how the food is produced, these are the important steps for ensuring the higher standard of REAL FOODS needed, that can vitally impact your health and wellness.

God, Who is our Creator, has provided an abundance of nourishment in REAL FOODS the way He designed them to be.

About 30 years ago  my husband and I, and our children, began including Real foods in our daily  lifestyle which truly impacted our health & wellness foundation.  (I speak now as a grandmother – even our grandchildren are now being raised with these vitally valuable foods!)

God is good. And He has provided the HIGHER STANDARD of foods for everyone’s health & wellness, if we choose those.  Don’t miss out on this goodness….

It’s becoming more and more important to find out why REAL FOOD is the best to consume.

The modern day food supply has been so messed with, made into “manufactured”- “man-made foods”,  and is so nutritionally deficient, all that’s needed is to look around and see the results in people’s health from consuming the “standard American diet” (SAD diet).  And  its’ not funny but is in fact sad!

Those of you that are just getting started with this endeavor, this article Why do you need REAL FOODS?     might be of interest to you for building your wisdom about REAL FOODS.


“Let your food be your medicine, and your medicine be your food.”  Hippocrates

These would be foods that have NOT been thru the commercial processing procedure to “enhance shelf life”, have not had their God-created originality taken out or added to.  Therefore, the known and unknown nutrients that are characteristic to each REAL FOOD are in those REAL FOODS to provide optimum nourishment to your God-created body, just the way our Creator intended nourishment to be.

Also, REAL FOODS have been raised or grown without the so-called “benefits” or features of “the world” that actually result in toxic, nutrient – deficient “food products” that DON’T nourish and can actually do harm.

Getting back to the basics has become the Higher Standard of foods…foods the way God created them to be.

You are probably here because  you’re realizing some changes need to be made in your eating lifestyle, have researched or are beginning your research about that.  I commend you highly and want to reassure you, you ARE  on the right track!

Getting back to basics with God’s perfect foods is vital!  REAL FOODS that nourish are vitally  important to  prevent NUTRIENT DEBT, which then opens the door for so many maladies and health problems.

Check out what you have access to thru Good Stuff Co-op:

  • REAL MILK topped with real cream–naturally!
  • REAL eggs from out-in-the-sunshine-bug-eatin’ chickens (not available at this time)
  • REAL raw butter from Amish farm and grass-fed cows
  • GSC will be adding other items at later dates, and as part of the group you will be notified

Once you start including REAL FOODS in your eating lifestyle it will be hard to go back to anything else…but why GO BACK to something that’s not good for you in the first place?



It’s more important today than ever to know where your foods come from, knowing they are REAL FOODS the way our Creator designed then to be,  so that you can ensure that you are providing you and yours with the best.

Good Stuff Co-op is your personal shopper at the farm  for those of you that are like minded about desiring qualified and excellent local sources for REAL FOODS.

REAL FOODS  are known for superior quality, great taste, but especially abundant nourishment that is not provided by  the so-called “foods” marketed commercially.  (Meaning processed foods I call “food products”!)

Eating “cheap food” is  expensive in the long run, both financially and on your well-being.  Eating REAL FOODS as much as possible, is of the highest value you can receive, and simple yet seemingly miraculous results await you.

Your health and health of your family is considered an investment–in your future, your health, everything, and is nothing to gamble!

These real foods are provided by people that love making them available for those of us that find it extremely important to have God’s best for our families and ourselves.  Rather than getting “food by-products” from the commercial outlets, these REAL FOODS come from other families that love to provide the best for you and I.

We have access to  REAL MILK produced by Brown Swiss cows fed a diet of natural & organic hay/grasses and organic barley…all taken care of by a family that’s been in the dairy business for generations.  So they know their stuff!!

Farm fresh eggs come from our local source that loves raising their chickens out in the sunshine,  letting them run, scratch, and eat bugs because he knows that important for our nourishment as well…just what chickens are supposed to be doing.  We always confirm that they are being fed the  best feeds as well, without the items we know affects their health and ours.

You’ll be ever so surprised at the healthy expression of the eggs from these happy chickens.  Flavor?  It’s fabulous!! Just an entire world of difference between these and commercially raised.

IMAG0214Good Stuff Co-op is all about Real foods, the way God created and intended them to be…this makes all the difference between good health, abundance of nutrition vs. poor health and bad nutrition which is so prevalent today, but can be prevented!

My endeavor is to have the best sources available for high value…REAL FOODS that are of extreme value … as opposed to what is the cost…as you will experience, the value of REAL FOODS is of utmost importance and help to establish a lifelong foundation of balance and health for you and yours.

The cost? Cost is what happens to one’s health without the valuable nutrients in REAL FOODS that build the God-given body.

I’m especially excited for you and the simple results that are waiting for you to experience as the higher standard of foods is implemented in your wellness eating lifestyle. These perfect foods that our Creator has provided for us, are exceptional, and experiencing the difference is amazing.

We are ever so thankful for these hard working REAL FOOD providers of  essential foods for us and our families.

God is good and has created so many good things for you and yours!

REAL foods, the way He intended them to be, are just one of His GOOD THINGS made available for our choosing.

“Every good gift and every perfect gift is from above, and comes down from the Father of lights, with whom there is no variation or shadow of turning.”  James 1:17.

I always look forward to assisting fellow health-minded enthusiasts that are ready for REAL nourishment and victory in health!   Join us and see what GOOD STUFF awaits you!

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