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GSC NOTABLES – 8/26/19

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from Jennifer’s desk


Is it “risky” to eat REAL FOODS?

Just a little something to ponder – check yourself and where YOUR thinking is on the subject. There are “those” that would have people believe man-made processed foods are ok and good to be consuming!

My question is – why then, if modern-day food supply is so great, do we have the worst health conditions in so many people today ever in history??

Wisdom is the answer – congratulations to you for exercising that wisdom and choosing one of God’s most perfect foods! Only a wise Creator would provide perfection – even in His foods- thru His common grace and love for people. People (created in His image- Genesis 1:27,28) being His crowning glory in His creation!

The extreme value of having real-milk as part of your eating lifestyle is to be commended… this perfect food provides a healthful foundation that can be very quickly evident in your daily life and your childrens’ …. it’s totally amazing! So…. congratulations on your wise choice.

Break thru the bad health & poor nutrition barrier today with REAL FOODS!

Be wise… blessings on you and yours…

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Not on the list? Call me ….

“In everything give thanks:  for  this is the will of God in Christ Jesus.” I Thessalonians 5:18

John & Jenn – Glad you’re in the group for REAL FOODS!
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