Good Stuff Co-op FAQ


  •  Does REAL MILK taste  and smell good?                                                                                        This is one of God’s perfect foods, and it tastes absolutely superb.  Smells just fine also. You will be pleasantly surprised. Not only does it taste wonderful, but it’s nutritionally superior to that “other stuff”.  High in calcium, Vit. C, protein, good fats (very high in lecithin that feeds the nervous system and mylan sheath of the nerves- great for  children especially), abundant with friendly flora needed for “the gut” to build and restore the immune system, feeding the skin, bones, teeth, and so much more.  There is no comparison on the flavor….this tastes like milk SHOULD taste….deeelish!  People always say that too…
  • I’ve never had raw milk before, how long  will it last in the refrigerator?

The raw milk does not go RANCID like the “other stuff”… the REAL MILK has live enzymes in it, good, friendly bacteria essential for the “gut”, along with many other essential nourishing elements that are vitally needed by all of us.  Real milk will go sour, which simply means even more friendly flora!  When this  your fresh real milk is kept good and cold, you’ll find it can be fresh for about 10 to 14 days before souring.  The only time the milk may begin to sour sooner is when your refrigerator is not cold enough, or if you leave it out at room temperature quite a bit.
Even when sour, you can still use it for other things…. especially  cooking – makes great pancakes and biscuits!

  • Can you freeze the milk? 

Yes, you can freeze real milk, and it will be just as good for you.  When it thaws, the cream will tend to be in little clumps, so not like it is originally. But the nutritional value is still excellent. You can take a little hand mixer (Braun or milk shake mixer?) and mix the top with the cream chunks gently for just a few SECONDS.  That may help to mix the cream back in as much as possible, but keep in mind the cream may still be a little clumpy.

  • Is that the cream that’s on top of the milk ?                                                                                      Yes, Real milk is not homogenized (process that splits the fat cells in the cream that prevents separation of the cream from the milk-   REALLY BAD FOR YOU!!)  So be sure to shake your REAL MILK jug, this is your natural mixing process for the cream and milk :o)  Just remember to shake the jug a little bit before you pour that glass of milk…  NO PASTEURIZATION, NO HOMOGENIZING = NO PROCESSING…this is good!
  • Do I need to know anything different if REAL MILK is spilled?                                                  (Don’t cry – but you might feel like it – HA!) When real milk gets spilled, remember there are live enzymes in it, therefore,  you will need to clean it up with straight ammonia.  The ammonia cuts the live enzymes.  If ammonia is not used to clean up whatever was spilled on, later on, you will notice an odor not too different from baby spit up or something.  Just get the ammonia and clean the material or area again with ammonia.
  • What if I have “lactose intolerance”, milk allergies, or phlegm after drinking milk?                                                                                                                                                                Over the years, working with hundreds of people, the vast majority of them have been able to switch from pasteurized to REAL MILK (raw ) no problem.  For your edification, what causes people to have “milk allergies”,  is the pasteurization process – the processing of  natural, REAL MILK -producing DEAD MILK.  Its  not the milk that causes the problem, generally its the processing of the food, which eliminates good bacteria  in “the gut” for digestion & assimilation.  Pasteurization process involves the complete destruction of many essential nutrients needed by the body. (Do your research) –  So when DEAD MILK is put in the God-created body, the body will do just what it’s designed to do…start flushing the impurities out!  So “allergies” (this is my take on the deal) are simply the body signaling that its getting the junk out that’s not supposed to be there!   Real milk is absolutely something that the body loves and designed to consume, and as it’s consumed, will heal all the way in, down, through and out.  This is our Creator’s simplicity and miraculous goodness for us. God is good!
  • If “allergy response” is still experienced after drinking  real milk, does that mean I can’t have it anymore?

No, absolutely not. God designed our bodies so miraculously that they will adjust even to the junk that is consumed.  This does not mean its a good thing however!  Of course, there can be other reasons for an “allergic” response.

Generally,  those with “milk allergies” have no problem switching over. Keep in mind, it’s the pasteurization process of milk that creates the allergy problems, and that includes crutching a person’s system to where digestion and assimilation are hindered or severely degraded. So part of the problem being experienced, is  not enough of the friendly flora in “the gut” to “use” the abundance of nutritional elements in this perfect food.  The REAL MILK is exactly what is needed and is one of the most effective food sources for rebuilding, replenishing the friendly flora needed in the “gut”.

There may be a very, very few that may need to not include real milk in their eating lifestyle.  I’ll  be glad to discuss that with you if you  like.  But generally, so many that have followed this remedy for change, are usually able to  heal and experience implementing real milk into their lifestyle on a regular basis.  There is a simple way to condition your system as needed.  Over the years, I’ve had just a few people that needed to implement the following method.  Very simple.

  • Dilute the milk – half milk and half good, filtered water.  Not tap water.
  • Continue this procedure until you have less and less “reaction”.  Then just put less and less water in the milk, until you are drinking only the REAL MILK with no problem.
  • Length of time this needs to be done varies from person to person, but this method truly works.
  • As a person includes REAL MILK in their lifestyle, it heals all the way in, down, through and out.

How miraculous it is that our Creator has provided for us even in the realm of foods needed that truly nourish.  God is good!

  • Can I get only the cream?                                                                                                                  Cream is not sold separately at this time.   Hopefully in the near future that will change.
  • How often are the runs to the dairy?                                                                                                 Runs right now are every other week.  Please watch your email or text for the ordering reminder and  ordering deadline date, and then you’ll receive a LAST CALL ordering reminder as well…  The designated pick up day  as well as any other pertinent info or updates will be  listed on Good Stuff Co-op Notables page. 
  • What happens if I can’t make the designated pick up date or time?                                             If something comes up and you need to schedule a specific pick up time, please be sure to call or email and set an appointment with me for your pick up.  I know emergencies and the unexpected happen in life, and we’ll work with anyone that just lets us know what’s going on.  Ok to have family or friend pick up your order – please let me know.
  • CAN I ORDER ONLINE?                                                                                                                        You most certainly can.  You will receive an ordering reminder email/ text to remind you of order deadline.  Orders need to be placed per order deadline.  When you place your order, please be sure to find the notes section on the order form and place the scheduled pick- up date your order is for in notes area.
  • Still got questions?  Shoot me an email, text, or call me!!

THANK YOU – THANK YOU!! And glad to have you in the GSC group…