Good Stuff Co-op Milk source

All real milk is not the same.

Real milk from Brown Swiss  cows from  FOND DU LAC FARMS is of superb nutritional quality & flavor and they  produce some of the highest quality REAL milk.

Located in the AZ desert  of Casa Grande area, these girls are fed only naturally grown and organic dried grass/hay, along with non-GMO Barley for grain at milking, which adds exceptional richness to their already superb milk.

The Brown Swiss breed is considered a heritage breed of cows which means they are well-suited for producing high components of milk categorized as A2, with high butterfat content essential for completely nutrient dense real milk…the way God designed it to be.

The current revealing of causes for some health problems is being illuminated for us to realize the cause and effect scenario that’s the basis for many poor health conditions.  So many of these conditions can be avoided…

Getting educated about REAL FOODS, and taking responsibility for the “foods” that we and our families consume is the foundation for eliminating and preventing poor health and bad nutrition.

I recommend highly you research the difference between A1 and A2 milk.  Its all quite eye opening.

When you drink this scrumptious milk, you’ll be nourishing yourself with just some vital nutritional elements natural -to- this -food such as :

  •  Real milk  high in protein
  •  calcium
  • Vitamin A
  • Vitamin D
  • Real milk is very high in Vitamin C
  • as well as an abundance of other known and unknown elements
  • The REAL  cream that rises to the top of the milk, naturally, contains the “good fats”  or “healthy fats” needed so desperately by the body (Essential fatty acids) – lecithin being one of them, which feeds the myelan sheath of the nerves. Healthy fats are instrumental as carriers of all nutrients to each individual cell in our bodies…the list is long for our needs of good, healthy fats naturally occurring in REAL FOODS – specifically Real Milk.

Published studies recently released by The Cancer Foundation show that beta carotene, along with Vitamins A and C, may reduce the risk of cancer.  Another interesting fact, a certain protein called Beta Casein A2 in milk  of  heritage breeds (A2 herds) may lead to better health in consumers than the Beta Casein A1 which is in most other milks.

An excellent resource on this subject is the book titled “Devil in the Milk” by  Keith Woodford and will inform from world-wide findings beginning in mid 1980’s.  Highly recommended…for your health’s sake.

In these days and times, you can be assured of receiving utmost value for dollars spent….not just spending dollars toward cost!!  This is wisdom…

All in all, as a member of Good Stuff Membership Co-op, you will have access to the richest real milk with abundant nutrient value… besides that it’s really good stuff!