Cream (1 pint)


Please note: This raw cream is not heavy cream which is typically used to make whipped cream. This cream may or may not whip into a desired consistency. Not recommended for whipping cream.

A2A2 grass-fed dairy from Brown Swiss cows fed locally grown non-GMO alfalfa. rBST free.

Mandatory health warning: “Raw milk no matter how carefully produced, may be unsafe.”

Produced in small batches. Color, taste and/or texture may vary slightly. Price and availability are subject to change without notice.


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Jennifer’s Notes:

Real Raw Cream – this is the ultimate in cream!  This exceptional food has extreme value because of all the work involved to bring this REAL FOOD for your availability.

You might want to try some REAL RAW CREAM added to your REAL MILK experience – adding essential & tasty good fats to your morning coffee!!  It’s all GOOD!



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