Eggs [out of stock till Spring]


Large brown and/or pastel-colored free-range eggs from Rhode Island Red and/or Americana hens.

Available in one dozen count paperboard cartons.

Produced in small batches. Color, taste and/or texture may vary slightly. Price and availability are subject to change without notice.

Out of stock

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Jennifer’s Notes:

Beautiful large eggs always!  These girls are out in the sunshine and open air and chasing bugs the way all good chickens should be!  Fed only the best organic feeds – no corn, no soy, no GMO junk! Our new source providing us with pasture raised eggs that are scrumptious.

Fresh and nutrient abundant because they’re fresh, flavor is wonderful… and they keep for at least a month! More actually but these are deelish!  The difference in farm fresh eggs and store bought is immense.  Remember to order yours now… I bet you’ll love ’em!

Beautiful assorted brown & pastel eggs just as if you collected them yourself!!



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