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Las Vegas Rescue Mission has been helping those most in need, men, women and children, for over 50 years. They are Christian-based and take prayer requests, as well as serving nearly 30,000 meals a month!

Your charitable donation will help LVRM to feed, shelter and assist the needy members of our community. Please donate here to be forwarded to LVRM, or go directly to their website at

Good Stuff Co-op is not affiliated with LVRM or any of its affiliates in any way.




Stephen’s Notes:

We’ve donated multiple times to LVRM ever since moving to Las Vegas in 2015. Our son was a regular volunteer at their downtown campus. It’s good to know there’s an organization like LVRM to look after those in our community that we often overlook ourselves.

We plan to donate about 20% of our purchase amount. Twice a month, it’s really not that much for something that benefits all of us, and we know it’s being put to good use locally.

We also picked LVRM as our charity of choice whenever shopping on Amazon by sending our orders through



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