Ebook – WHAT’S THAT MILK YOU’RE DRINKING? Is it Alive or Dead?


Discover a fresh perspective about the benefits of REAL MILK (unprocessed)  vs pasteurized (processed) milk


In these days, we are so inundated with processed foods that are daily disastrously affecting health.  Discover a fresh perspective about the benefits of REAL MILK (unprocessed)  vs pasteurized (processed) milk that is touted today as good-for-you.

Compiled and written by Jennifer Vance, CNC, Christian Wellness Ambassador  – MY FIRST EBOOK KICKOFF SPECIAL!!     ONLY $5

This is a downloadable book I wrote for the discerning individual without abundance of time,  this little 35- page book will give you extremely valuable insight about establishing a stay healthy and well foundation for yourself and family incorporating REAL MILK in your eating lifestyle.

What are the actual benefits to a person’s health Ebook What's That Milk You're Drinking? Is It Alive or Dead?and wellness foundation when including REAL MILK in their lifestyle?

  • Get a glimpse of some of the history behind what has made this perfect food a so-called bad guy – God doesn’t make any junk…man usually messes things up along the way somewhere.
  • Find out about this God-created food that’s making a resurgence and why you might want to think about including its scrumptious elements on your wellness journey
  • I’ve compiled information  for your review  from reputable sources which point behind the real story not known –  why REAL MILK is perfectly abundant in nourishment.

You’ll   find brief, vital background information about this perfect food and what has caused it to have an undeserving “bad rap” due to bad science and misinformation throughout history.

REAL MILK is one of God’s most perfect and complete foods.