One+Half Gallons Milk


Whole milk produced by Brown Swiss cows fed locally grown non-GMO alfalfa. rBST free.

To prolong freshness, place in the back, bottom of the fridge or other coldest location. OK to freeze and thaw.

Produced in small batches. Color, taste and/or texture may vary slightly. Price and availability are subject to change without notice.


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Unpasteurized, unhomogenized whole milk. Cream will rise to the top. Secure the top and shake well before serving. Always keep refrigerated.

Mandatory health warning: “Raw milk no matter how carefully produced, may be unsafe.”

Jennifer’s Notes:

REAL MILK from Brown Swiss cows – certified A2 herd that provides A2 milk.  I recommend doing your research if you aren’t educated on this subject.  It only means the value of this REAL FOOD is the absolute best you can be including in your eating & wellness lifestyle!

Fresh real milk from some of the best cows for abundant nutrients… the heritage breed of Brown Swiss cows.  The value of this REAL FOOD is priceless.

God’s most complete, nutrient abundant food for building immune system, bones, muscles, teeth, skin, friendly flora for the gut, and on and on…soooo scrumptious!

Stephen’s Notes:

Raw milk doesn’t spoil. It sours. Sour milk is still okay to drink. There are recipes that use sour milk. So, don’t throw it out.

Try dipping bread into sour milk. It’s an acquired taste but it’s actually really good. If you have pets, they’ll love sour milk.

Taste-wise, raw milk is creamer, milkier, and just better feeling. First time anyone tries raw, grass-fed milk, it’s always, “Oh, wow!” Yeah, you innately know the difference.



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