Sourdough Bread (Whole Loaf, Unsliced)


Homemade by hand, organic sourdough bread made with only four ingredients:  Naturally fermented organic sourdough starter, water, organic flour, pink Himalayan salt.

Made to order in small batches. Color, taste and/or texture may vary slightly. Price and availability are subject to change without notice.

Heating Instructions: 

You may receive your loaf freshly baked the same day, or baked fresh then pre-frozen.

If baked fresh, awesome! It’s ready enjoy sliced, toasted, grilled, however you like. You can keep it outside for a couple days before it starts hardening. Wrap in foil and plastic if freezing or plastic wrap if refrigerating.

If pre-frozen, it’lll be wrapped in foil and two layers of plastic wrap. Keep your loaf in its wrappings until completely thawed and ready to heat.

From freezer, let loaf thaw completely on the counter for a few hours to overnight.

Once thawed, preheat oven to 350 degrees (F), spritz all over with filtered water, and place directly on the oven rack and bake for 7-10 minutes, depending on how crisp and brown you want your crust.

Return leftovers into the bag or wrap and store in the refrigerator where it should stay for days.


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Jennifer’s Notes:

Freshly baked and frozen to lock in moisture and freshness… easy to then reheat and ready for fresh baked goodness!

REAL sourdough bread is dense with full flavor, nourishment, and is inherent with the need for plenty of chewing… this food does not melt in your mouth but with real butter and warmed you’ll be nourished and appetite for bread satiated.

This endeavor takes lots of time, is made by one of our Good Stuff Co-op members, Kathy Cosme, with her homeschooled children and LOTS of love and happiness!

“CUBS IN THE KITCHEN”  mom and kiddos home project – Purchasing these goodies go toward Kathy’s kiddos savings and school projects…and these goodies are about the fabulous flavor and scrumptious bread for your enjoyment and health!

Stephen’s Notes:

Compare this sourdough to any other from neighborhood bakeries to premium grocery stores. You’ll agree this is the densest, moistest, chewiest sourdough you’ve ever tasted. And, it’s larger than many loafs found elsewhere, and at least twice as heavy – feels like you’re really getting two loaves!

It’ll easily stay moist and chewy on the counter for at least two days.

Try making sandwiches, especially grilled cheese. It’ll take your sandwich to another level! The cheeses available here are, dare say, heaven made for this bread.

Let it bring out the inner chef in you where incredible pairings can be explored and discovered with this exceptional bread!

Full of sourdough flavor and made with only the best ingredients, it’s the best sourdough bread we’ve ever had. Try it for yourself. You won’t want any other!



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