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  1. Mild, Medium or Sharp 1/2lb yellow or white cheddar
  2. Habanero or Jalapeno 1/2lb cheddar
  3. Desert or Silver Moon 1/2lb wine cheddar
  4. Garden Herb or Hatch Chili 1/2lb cheddar
  5. Smoked Hickory or Smoked Applewood 1/2lb cheddar
  6. Belgian White, Pale Ale, or Stout 1/2lb beer cheddar
  7. Pepper, Colby, or Monterey 1/2lb jack cheese
  8. Kricker or Zion 1/2lb Asiago cheese
  9. Mozarella or Feta 1/2lb cheese
  10. Blueberry, Strawberry, Cranberry, Lemon-Zest, Mango-Ginger, or Peppercorn 1/2lb seasonal cheddar
  11. 1/4lb Beef Patties (4 count/1lb total)
  12. 1 Quart Yogurt (any flavor, choose one) or 16oz Frozen Yogurt (surprise flavors)