REAL Eggs from out-in-the-sunshine- bug-eatin’ chickens

These girls are out in the fresh air, pecking at the ground for bugs and out in the sunshine the way they should be, and  are providing for us the freshest, most nutrient rich eggs you’re going to get in this area – unless you have your own of course!!

These eggs collected are  from a  local area source.   No hormones, no antibiotics – (all that’s not needed when they are fed and out in the sunshine- the way its SUPPOSED TO BE! ) and fed only organic feeds… NO CORN, NO SOY, NO GMO JUNK!

You can be assured that the eggs we get are FRESH…that means at the most they are MAYBE only days old….not at all like the stores.


Eggs available for purchase at the stores can be 30 days old by the time they’re just delivered to the store to put on the shelves to sell.  They’re still ok to eat, of course, but won’t have near the nourishment available as our local source.

You’ll also notice the yolks on our local source eggs tend to be  bright yellow or even sometimes orange, they stand up, and the whites don’t usually run all over the place.  That means they are fresh and healthy!!

You’ll be receiving varied sizes in each dozen eggs, just as if you had collected them yourself!  Eggs are an item you can purchase in quantity…. nutrients and flavor will keep. So don’t be hesitant to order even enough to last you a month at a time.

Kinds (colors)  can vary also. Kind of like getting Easter eggs!  Different colors mean from different kinds of chickens….great fun!

One of the joys of dealing direct with the farms means availability can change – due to weather mostly.  So please keep in mind if we have a change of availability, generally, that’s why.  This isn’t like dealing with the grocery store….but you will have the MOST nutrient abundant foods as a result of buying from local sources.  Another good reason to order more than enough for you and your family!!